2019 Commissions

Status: OPEN

You’re about to work with Brit, fantastic!

My name is Brit, and I love to illustrate, drink coffee, and watch baby panda videos. Before we begin, here are a few things you should know:

Having an open and honest relationship with my clients is very important to me. Not only to make sure we are meeting each other's expectations, but to have fun and breathe easy during this process. It’s like getting to know a new friend! I'm quite flexible and I can work in either a team environment or independently.

What I can do: OCs, portraits, hetero/homo

What I won’t do: nudity and heavy machinery.

What I need from you

Please contact me with the following answers! Or email britkcaley@gmail.com

What is it, and what is it for?

  • Type: Bust/half body/full body

  • Background: Simple, detailed? The more detail the higher the price.

  • References/Description: props, poses, personality? The more the better!

  • Public or Private: If public you’ll be allowed to post the image with my watermark on your social accounts.

***If you are interested in allowing me the right to make and sell prints of the commission in return for a (%) discount, please let me know! Please note: This option is only available if I see potential for the print to sell.***

How big is it and how many will there be?

  • Any dimension requirements? For book covers, i’ll need dimensions in inches.

When is the deadline?

  • Tomorrow? Two weeks? In a month? There may be additional fees for a tight deadline.

***If the commission is public and I find the piece suitable for reselling as prints, ask me about a possible discount***


Once I've received the above information, I'll send an estimated quote for your commission. From there I'll provide sketches for approval. I'll then send progress pictures throughout my rendering process just to make sure we're all staying on the same page.


Bust: Starting at $150

Chest up with simple background.

Over a week to finish.


Half body: Starting at $200

Ranges from waist to thigh and up. Simple to medium background.

3 weeks to finish.


Full body: Starting at $300

Head to toe or highly illustrated. Choice of low, medium or high background

1-2 months to finish.

Additional fees:

  • 70% additional fee for additional characters or creatures based on commission type.

    • Example Tidus and Yuna: Original price $200 x .70 = $140 additional fee.

    • $140 + $200 = $340 total

  • 30% additional fee for each prop (weapon, heavy armor, wings etc) based on commission type.

  • Up to 30% additional fee for backgrounds (cities, landscapes etc). This can vary depending on the request.

Changes and modifications

The more specific your initial request the better! I'll do my best to make any minor adjustments for your commission, but any major changes after the sketch is approved may result in additional charges. I'll notify you if there would be additional charges.

Final files

When the commission is finished, I’ll send a high-res JPEG of the illustration unless you need the PSD file with transparent background.


I accept PayPal (pay a friend), and Venmo. I request 50% of estimated quote before the sketching process begins. I must be able to feed my husband! The remaining 50% (and any additional charges due to modifications) will be due once I have sent the final file(s).

Rights to art

For non-commercial commissions, upon receiving the final files you’ll have an Exclusive License, with modification rights. You may use, distribute, reproduce, adapt, modify and display the commission as long as no profit is made from the work. Also, proper credit must be given to me. Credit includes my name, linking to my social media, and/or my website www.britkcaley.com. I’ll also have the right to post the commission to my social accounts and website. If the commission is for a book cover, credit with my name Brit K. Caley and my website: www.britkcaley.com.

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

Have more questions or want to see my favorite panda videos? Please don't hesitate to ask! 🐼